"I came into the world of body modification as a piercer, starting my apprenticeship around 10 years ago. Early on in my career I found myself  very interested in the creative freedom found in tattooing. The more I watched the artists around me, the more interested I became. Within a few years of becoming a full time piercer, I began my tattooing apprenticeship under Matt Allsman, Ken Allsman, and Dano Miller. After spending 2 1/2 years wide-eyed, at the heels of these 3, I was finally "ready" to start tattooing. (Nobody is ever actually ready HAHA) I spent the next couple of years hoping to God that I was doing my instructors some sort of justice, while slowly building a clientele base. Thank God for those forgiving "Skins" early on for helping me hone my craft and bedside manner with them. After those short couple of years working in the Columbus NE location (owned by Matt Allsman), I was able to open my own studio in Fremont NE.  With well laid plans and the help of those before me, I have had great success. Both locations have since grown in immeasurable ways. We've added new talent, made our presence known on the national convention circuit, and achieved multiple awards and publications. It's with success like this that I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me and my team."




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