One to Two hours after the tattoo is completed, wash with mild hand soap and water. Always pat dry.  DO NOT use a washcloth or other abrasive material


Apply a small amount of your aftercare product (Armor Gel, Hustle Butter, Afterinked, etc.)  or Aquaphor 3-4 times daily. You only need to make the tattoo shiny with whatever product you use.


NO tanning (sunburn), soaking, steam, sauna, chlorine water,or dirty water. Do not soak the tattoo in the bathtub, or let the shower directly hit it.


The tattoo will itch for the duration of the healing period. DO NOT scratch...gently pat the tattoo to alleviate the itching.


The tattoo will start scabbing and peeling in a few days. DO NOT pick off the scabs. Doing so will result in ink loss. Allow the scabs to fall off naturally.


Your hands are dirty! Wash your hands before touching your tattoo for any reason for the duration of the healing period.


Let your artist see the tattoo after it is healed to determine if a touch up is necessary. Your first touch up is free of charge, but should be scheduled right after the tattoo has healed.


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