Tattoo artist of 4.5 years. Handsome husband and father. Jurassic Park fanatic, Star Wars lover, cosmos/space/astrophysics enthusiast, meme king and cheerful nihilist; and now the newest member of the Eternal team. Tattooing, memes, Legos and Fallout run my life; in that order. My family means everything to me, so I guess they fall in there somewhere. I focus mainly on traditional tattoos. Crispy, bold lines and bright colors are my favorite aspects of the style.


 I began my apprenticeship 6 years ago in Chillicothe, IL. After working several dead end jobs, dropping out of college, the opportunity to become a tattoo artist almost literally fell on top of me. I’ve been tattooing professionally for the last 4.5 years. Over those years I watched my home state fall apart, so I sought out better opportunities for myself, and for my family. Every day, every tattoo is a learning experience. No one will ever be the best in this industry, but making each tattoo better than the last is the goal. Remaining humble is extremely important to me. I am very excited, and extremely grateful to be a part of the Eternal Tattoo team. This was a huge jump for me and my family, which I believe is exactly what I needed. I look forward to learning from all of the other amazing artists, as well as getting to know every person, friend, and client that walks in the door.


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