"Singer/songwriter, musician, artist, one cat away from crazy, die-hard Backstreet Boys fan, and part-time mermaid.


I began my apprenticeship in the summer of 2014 under Aaron Beaudette, and have loved every moment of it!


Art and drawing has been a big part of my life since I can remember. I first learned how to draw by tracing the images on my 101 Dalmatian playing cards as a child. I dreamed of being a musician but notebooks full of writers block and unfinished lyrics slowly killed the rock star dream.


So here I am, tattooing. Why? Because art is my escape; my stress reliever. I love helping people tell their stories through the artwork on their skin. That's what I love most about tattoos. They tell our stories. They're reminders of who we were and who we want to be.


I'm so stoked to get to grow in this industry, to learn more from my mentors and friends, and to become well rounded by taking on whatever comes my way.

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