"I started tattooing a short sixteen years ago, apprenticing under my father Ken Allsman. To be real honest, seems like yesterday. I started at fourteen, a very young age and something that is no longer allowed. My father was either crazy or saw something in me; I’m not sure what it was now that I think back on it. I tattooed all through high school and into my early adult years before I finally started to take it as seriously as I should have. Back then, I was a touring musician first and tattooist second. It wasn't until I was playing in a band at an event called Rock The Ink in Rhode Island that things became very different for me. Being from Nebraska, I had never seen this side of the tattoo industry. All these people tattooing in the same place and the camaraderie that seemed to exist between them. I happened to run across the booth of Steve Teft and needed to get a tattoo from him. I met Bob Tyrel and several of my other idols in the tattoo industry and things began to change. When I got home from that tour every thing was different. I started to focus more on my art and less and less on my guitar. Since then I have been doing everything in my power to make my bones in this world. From the beginning, one idea would be the cornerstone of what I built these shops on: The idea that we are more than friends, more than colleagues. We are a family; we fight like a family and we stick it through as family should. My greatest influences have always been and will always be the people I work next to.


    Nowadays, I hit as many conventions and guest spots as I can while balancing running a busy shop and maintaining a list of returning clients, still having fun with music, and raising a family. I have won awards from conventions all over the country and built a solid business that supports myself and the amazing crew I have working with me. Every day I look forward to going to do what I love and cannot wait to see what will come next.


    Artistically, I place an emphasis on the realistic side of tattooing, while embracing all of the different artistic styles of work. When it comes down to it, I just love to tattoo."



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