Because all our artists tend to be booked solid for months at a time, it is difficult for those who just want a small, simple tattoo to get their work done in a reasonable time frame.  To try to combat this, every Saturday, at all 3 shops, we set aside at least one artist to take on these tattoos.  We still can't get to everyone, and we apologize for that, but we do as many as we can.  To keep this process fair, we have some rules and policies.

1)  The tattoo must be estimated to be able to be done in an hour or less.   Anything longer will require an appointment.  You can send us pictures and descriptions to the shop you want to go to ahead of time to ensure the tattoo you want qualifies.

2) You must be in the building to get on the walk-in list.  No call-ins.  Even if you are coming from out of town.  If you are coming from out of town, we recommend making an appointment.  There is often a line at the door before we even open, so we recommend getting to the shop early!


3)  Once on the list, if you aren't first, you may leave the building and go about your day.  Keep your phone on.  Our computer system will send you a text when it is coming up on your turn.  If we don't hear from you or see you within about 15 minutes from then, we will try to call.  If there is still no response, we will text the next person in line, and your turn will have been forfeited.  So please call us if you get the text and may be a while.

4)  This is literally an Art and not a science.  Some tattoos take longer than estimated, some go faster.   The estimated time for your walk in is an estimate, and may need to be adjusted as the day goes on.  If you are toward the end of the list, there is never a guarantee that we will get you in.  You will be told if you are in this position.




Body piercing at all 3 shops is always walk-in.  We rarely take appointments for them.  However, Saturdays tend to be busier than weekdays, so we do have a few guidelines.


1)  The last piercing of the day will be started no later than 5:45pm.   If you come as a group, or want to come in the evening keep that in mind.   In other words, don't wait until the end of the day.  

2)  Our piercing areas are relatively small, so if you do bring a group of friends or family, understand that many of them may not get to be in the area.  Any photography/video must be done at a distance as to not interfere with the piercer.   Small children not being pierced should not be in the piercing area.

3)  Piercing infants/toddlers tends to take much longer than piercing adults.  For this reason, we suggest coming in on a slower weekday if possible. 

4)  Be sure to check out our
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for more piercing guidelines, such as age restrictions and minor legal requirements.



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